Published on October 6, 2022 by Charles Orr to in Los Angeles EBEWE

Do you know that the Audit and Retro-commissioning required by EBEWE will cost anywhere from $.15 to $.50 per square foot? (Smaller buildings tend to be on the high end of that number because of the large fixed-cost involved in the audit process.)

Do you want to become EXEMPT from the EBEWE Energy and Water Audit and Retro-commissioning process and avoid that expensive process?

Do you know your building’s ENERGY STAR score or how your building performs against the national median?

Your Los Angeles building may already qualify for an EXEMPTION to the EBEWE Audit requirement. A high percentage of buildings in Southern California tend to get high ENERGY STAR scores or perform well against the national median. But if you don’t benchmark your building, you have no way of knowing whether your building is exempt.

To become EXEMPT from the EBEWE audits for 2022 and beyond you should benchmark your building sooner rather than later. Your building may require multiple years of ENERGY STAR certification or show other markers for high Energy and Water performance over a five-year period. (Even the process of filing for an ENERGY STAR certification take can take months.)


If you benchmark now and your building does NOT meet the “high performance building” requirements, you then will have time to invest in some Title 24 improvements to become exempt. These Investments in Title 24 improvements can cost less than an EBEWE ENERGY and WATER Audit and retro-commissioning – especially for offices, warehouses, and commercial buildings under 50,000 square feet. Plus, you will get the added benefit of lower energy costs.

Call us at 213-296-1662 to obtain the self-evaluation tool to see whether your building qualifies for an EXEMPTION.

EBEWE EXEMPTIONS require certification by a Professional Engineer (PE) or equivalent. Pegasus has local Professional Engineers who will come on site to verify that your benchmarking data matches your building data and operating conditions, or that your building meets the Title 24 requirements. Call us at 213-296-1662 to get a price quote for an exemption for your building.

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