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For questions about the BESO Ordinance for Commercial Buildings (only) Talk to Chuck at 415-937-5046

Berkeley’s Building Energy Saving Ordinance (BESO) requires building owners and homeowners to complete and publicly report comprehensive energy assessments to uncover energy savings opportunities.

BESO compliance is required on a phased-in schedule. The timing, frequency and specific type of energy assessment required depends on the type and size of building. The schedule is shown below:

Building SizeDue DateReport RequiredFrequency
Buildings 50,000 sf or more7/1/2018Energy Assessment
Benchmark Report
5 years
Buildings 25,000-49,000 sf7/1/2019Energy Assessment
Benchmark Report
5 years
Buildings 15,000-24,999 sf7/1/2022Energy Assessment
Benchmark Report
Time of Listing for Sale

The Energy Assessment now due only at the time of sale for a house or building under 25,000 square feet.

Filing fees range from $79 to $250 based on building size:

415-937-5046BESO Energy Assessment Schedule and Fees

Building SizeFiling FrequencyFiling Fee
Houses (1-4 Dwelling Units)At time-of-listing for sale$79
Small Buildings (850-14,999 sq. ft.)At time-of-listing for sale$79
Medium Buildings (15,000 to 24,999 sq. ft)At time-of-listing for sale$152
Large Buildings (25,000+)Every 5 years$240

Benchmark Report means an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Benchmark Report, generated by the EPA Portfolio Manager online tool.

An Energy Assessment is a report prepared by an architect or professional engineer that identifies opportunities for water and energy efficiency in a building and available incentives and financing options. It includes an ENERGY STAR score generated by Portfolio Manager.

These reports are to be made available to existing lessees, prospective lessees and buyers prior to execution of a lease or contract of sale.

Certain exceptions, deferrals and extensions may apply including an exemption from the energy assessment if the building achieves a ENERGY STAR score of 80 or more. For more additional exceptions, visit our BESO FAQ.

For more information about Berkeley's reporting requirements, call Chuck at 415-937-5046 or visit our BESO FAQ.