Applies to buildings with GFA1 greater than

San Francisco - EBO10,00050,000May 1$50-$100/DAY
San Jose - BPO20,00020,000May 1$25-$50/DAY
Los Angeles - EBEWE20,00020,000Jun 1TBD
Brisbane - BEPO350,00050,000May 15None stated
San Diego - BEBO50,00050,000Jun 1N.A.
Berkeley - BESO25,00025,000Jun 1$25/DAY
California - AB 802250,00050,000Jun 1$500-$2000/DAY
  1. Gross Floor Area in Square Feet
  2. Buildings sharing a common meter on a property must comply if the sum of the square footage of these buildings exceed 50,000 square feet
  3. Brisbane's benchmarking ordinance applies to 25,000 square foot buildings starting in 2025

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