Charles Orr

Our goal is to make compliance with energy benchmark reporting requirements as simple and economical as possible. We have satisfactorily helped hundreds of building owners with their energy benchmark reporting in compliance with San Francisco's Existing Commercial Building Ordinance and the now-discontinued AB 1103 ordinance.  Let us help you with your reporting requirements.

Our friendly, helpful and experienced professionals will:

  • Consult by phone, text or email with you to answer your questions and to make suggestions
  • Easily configure your report if you have multiple tenants with different "use-types" (office, retail store, service business, etc.) and operating hours
  • Apply the needed adjustments if your building has vacancies
  • Provide realistic estimates for energy use, based upon type of business, hours of operation, number of workers, etc. when a tenant does not consent to releasing energy-use data
  • Go the extra mile, to help you interpret the results of the reports so that you have meaningful information with which to take action to reduce your energy costs, improve your ENERGY STAR score and reduce your carbon footprint

Our efficient data collection system and our experience delivering hundreds of benchmark reports allow us to deliver fast, professional results.  Energy benchmark reports start as low as $395.

Request a quote for your building. Call us at 415-937-5046 or email us at:

Pegasus' founder is Charles Orr.  Charles received his B.S. in Engineering from the University of Illinois and his MBA from U.C. Berkeley.  He is a Vietnam veteran, having served four years as an engineering officer in the US Navy.  He continues to be active in sustainability projects with local organizations and neighborhoods.

Pegasus is an Energy Star Partner, a Veteran-Owned business and a member of the Better Business Bureau.  We are confident that you will be pleased with our services as our many clients have been.