Published on January 22, 2021 by Charles Orr to in Energy Benchmarking,

The first annual energy and water benchmarking reports are due May 15, 2021

The City of Brisbane passed the Building Efficiency Program requiring most owners of commercial, industrial and residential buildings which are 10,000 square feet or larger to prepare an annual energy and water benchmarking report and submit it to the City, starting May 15, 2021.

Buildings requiring compliance include:

1. Privately owned buildings 10,000 square feet or more, including industrial buildings

2. Buildings owned by a local agency of the State 10,000 square feet or more

3. Buildings owned by the City of Brisbane 2,000 square feet or more

Exemptions include:

1. One-or two-family dwellings

2. A condominium

3. A multi-family buildings with four or fewer units

4. Buildings owned by the federal government

5. A demolition permit for your entire building has been issued

6. Your building is scheduled for demolition with documentation satisfactory to the Department of Public Works

7. New construction buildings that did not receive energy or water services for more than half a calendar year

What about:

1. Townhouses - if they are legally defined as a condominium, they are exempt

2. Buildings that did not have a Certificate of Occupancy - they are required to report building characteristics (without energy or water services)

3. Historic Buildings-they are required to report

4. Strip malls or open-air shopping centers - yes if a single building within the mall or center is 10,000 square feet or more, OR buildings sharing a common meter that collectively are greater than 10,000 square feet

How do I Comply

Open an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account, enter your data and prepare the report. (The Portfolio Manager software has a steep learning curve- PG&E has a 32 page instruction manual that describes how to set up Portfolio Manager and obtain electricity and gas usage data from PG&E using Portfolio Manager.)

Contact Pegasus Energy Benchmarking at 415-937-5046 or charles@PegasusBMS.com

Pegasus can prepare your Benchmark Report. We do the work: enter the data, interface with the utilities and file the report with the City of Brisbane - for only $345.



The City of Brisbane has an excellent pdf at that location which describes the program more fully.